Wednesday, March 31

black & whites

On elle: top: guess, bow: handmade, sweater: express, skirt: h&m, shoes: urban outfitters

After I had put on this extra girly outfit I knew immediately where I wanted to take pictures. On the street the next block over from us there are a series of amazing brick apartment buildings that look straight out a movie (most likely a young girls coming of age & first love one). Fenced iron workings, hobbit hole entrances, and window sills full of flower beds it screams for one to read books in the courtyard with scatterings of sun rays peaking through the trees from above. If we had the money to spare we would nestle our belongings immediately into these cozy abodes as they remind us of the french wonderland we have yet to see.

On jay: hat: h&m, top: urban, tie: guess, sweater: urban, jeans: h&m, shoes: guess


  1. Love the bow on Elle! And that sweater looks great on Jay!

  2. I love the background in the first photo

  3. I love you two, you are so stylish.

  4. you both have the most amazingly cute blog i’ve seen in a while – not saccharine but genuine. elle, your lovely monochromatic outfit screams lady-like charm. can’t wait for another post!