Tuesday, March 23

thank you for waiting...

Things we enjoyed this past week:
1. no coat necessary weather
2. hot sauce on pizza
3. golden oldies on the radio
4. late night goofing around
5. half price sales

We just want to thank you lovely readers for all of your sweet comments on the last post, reading them totally made our days! Regular posting continues tomorrow with a brand new outfit post.


  1. Yay another great blog to follow! Found you through Chictopia:)

  2. I love that you and your boyfriend have a blog together. AND that you guys are ADORABLE together! Can't wait to see your next posts :)


  3. you guys are too cute! :) lovely pic!

  4. you guys are just sooooo adorable!
    prayers for your long happiness!

  5. I miss you guys. My last day at work here in Rapid is May 21st, so I'll be seeing ya before you know it!