Monday, March 1

red eyes & jolly cheeks

We had a mini adventure walking down to the famous market of seafood, rainbows of vegetables, and dried flowers. Sometimes it nice to wander Seattle and play tourist so we can remember what sets it apart from other places in the world. Now if only we had enough money to enjoy the tasty treats whose scents filled the air!

Do you ever play tourist where you live? What do you love about your city?


  1. Between the red eyes and the puffy face of last post, it seems like maybe you're struggling. I hope everything is OK.

    Tourist was fun when I lived in SF. But small town living means you usually have to drive a ways to play tourist, and I haven't done much of that here in Kansas.

  2. wonderful pictures, you two! The place i currently stay will probably only need 1-2 days to cover everything as it's pretty small. Though so i love it for having many parks to picnic at during the summer and the football craze in fall.

  3. I love heading down to Pike's Place market every now and then

  4. Emily: No worries here! I was referencing the picture with the glowing eyes, allergies have been affecting me lately so I think they've been seeping into my vocabulary. I bet playing tourist in Sf was amazing.

    Zel: At least picnic weather is coming soon! I can't wait!

    Kaye: I especially love going on the weekdays when it's more relaxed, gets a little intense on Saturdays.