Tuesday, March 2

black & white & green all over

On Elle: Top: Urban Outfitters, Belt: AA, Skirt: H&M, Tights: AA, Shoes: Guess

Oh boy! We have been busy little bees as of late and have barely had a moments notice to see each other! Today we get a little time for ourselves so we are choosing to watch cheesy movies from the sixties and dig into a glorious carton of Ben & Jerry's half baked (I always pick out the goodies, Jay hates it). Yum! To match our relaxed day we didn't dress up too much. Although I think Jay looks darling in his J shirt, to quote him "it's funny because I'm Jay." Comfort won the battle but I think it's well deserved.

On Jay: Scarf: AA, Shirt: AA, Cardigan: Old Navy, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Urban Outfitters


  1. elle: your blouse is beautiful.
    jay: i'm totally diggin' that helvetica shirt.

  2. Okay so you need to email me about your wedding, even if I can't make it I still want to know!

  3. Jay just wears skinnies so well. And Elle, I love the defined waist you're rocking.

  4. the two of you look so lovely & adorable. great outfits. comfy and chic!!

  5. you two have got to be one of the most stylish couples ever!! Lovely blog ^.^

  6. Thank you attractive readers!