Wednesday, March 31

black & whites

On elle: top: guess, bow: handmade, sweater: express, skirt: h&m, shoes: urban outfitters

After I had put on this extra girly outfit I knew immediately where I wanted to take pictures. On the street the next block over from us there are a series of amazing brick apartment buildings that look straight out a movie (most likely a young girls coming of age & first love one). Fenced iron workings, hobbit hole entrances, and window sills full of flower beds it screams for one to read books in the courtyard with scatterings of sun rays peaking through the trees from above. If we had the money to spare we would nestle our belongings immediately into these cozy abodes as they remind us of the french wonderland we have yet to see.

On jay: hat: h&m, top: urban, tie: guess, sweater: urban, jeans: h&m, shoes: guess

Sunday, March 28

Sunday Song

For the video, specifically staring at 1:45. Hope you all are having lovely weekends!

Friday, March 26

a few of elle's favorite things

Do you love ice cream? Of course you do, everyone loves ice cream! Well, maybe not the lactose intolerant so much... However you know what is so much more amazing than ice cream? Frozen custard! Seriously, if you have the calories to spare you ought to use them on this.

When we are feeling a need for sweets we trek our tired toes and head over to what we call dessert alley a.k.a. capitol hill's pike street. Within a 3 block stretch there are 2 ice cream shops, a cupcake bakery, and Old School Frozen Custard. Despite only having three flavors a day (vanilla, chocolate and a flavor of the day), we can't seem to ever get sick of this place. And after an absolutely terrible previous day my eyes lite up like a kid's on Christmas when I saw cookie dough as the flavor of the day. Now when it come to cookie dough ice cream I don't share, well I can, but you should only expect vanilla ice cream left. Yeah, I'm a picker I can't help it, so for your sake get your own scoop (Jay has learned this the hard way). But seriously, look at that glee on my face. I'm in heaven.

In addition to creamy delights, it was a particularly golden day; warm enough that I could wear my favorite summer sloppy tee with out a coat and bright enough that I could wear my favorite sunglasses with out becoming blind as a bat. Zebra rainbow stripes? I know, cheesy. However, when my 16-year-old self found these in their 50 cent glory she was in love (plus they remind me of the summer I met Jay, aww). After filling our stomachs we thought we'd empty our wallets a little more treasure hunting at the thrift store, alas we ended buying nothing, so hungry again we headed home for some peach pie I made earlier (don't be surprised if you see our chubbier alter egos soon). If only I had remembered to put the memory card in the camera to properly document such a wonderful day (hence the cell phone quality)!

Wednesday, March 24

share wear

On Both: J Hat: H&M, L Hat: Urban, J Jacket: H&M, L Jacket: J Crew, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Urban, J shoes: thrifted, L shoes: Oh deer!

Someone once said, "A boyfriend is an extra closet" and having lived with Elle for well over two years I would have to agree. When Elle feels her own wardrobe has finally exhausted itself, she moves on to mine, belting button-up shirts at the waist or tucking them into high-waisted skirts, draping my looser shirts so they hang like a dress, or rolling up the cuffs of my linen pants to be faux capris. Truthfully I don't mind as long as she doesn't turn into my doppleganger. It's just part of living with a girl.

Elle is rocking nearly the same outfit I wore the majority of last Summer with the exception of her large floppy hat. (Oh, that hat. She staked it out for months at at Urban Outfitters and then pounced when the price was right.) She actually won an online contest for this ensemble, which we're going to use for a new waffle iron as soon as they send it over.

My clothes, on the other hand, are not award-winning though they are quite comfortable. That straw fedora is a staple of Summertime fun including picnics, days at the beach, outdoor movies, BBQs, riding Laura's luxurious cruiser bike in the morning, and more picnics. I bought the shirt knowing it's neckline was a bit girly. It's a nice piece for layering and a wonderful decoy to keep Elle away from my blue linen shirt: holy grail of my warm weather wardrobe.

During the original photo shoot I rested Elle's hat in what I thought was the most appropriate place. Such a regal-looking camel. He looks like an Alfred to us.


Tuesday, March 23

thank you for waiting...

Things we enjoyed this past week:
1. no coat necessary weather
2. hot sauce on pizza
3. golden oldies on the radio
4. late night goofing around
5. half price sales

We just want to thank you lovely readers for all of your sweet comments on the last post, reading them totally made our days! Regular posting continues tomorrow with a brand new outfit post.

Monday, March 15

so you know...

Just a tiny too big engagement ring from

Remember how we are engaged? We don't talk about it on the blog that much, probably due to the reason we have not worked on it very much. However, after a slight nagging from our parents we figured with it being only two months away we ought to start working on it!

So if we seem a little MIA this week it's because we are taking car trips to thrifts stores (we don't have a car, this is really exciting!), painting tiny objects and collecting branches to make a wedding of our own. Your patience will be thoroughly rewarded after this week as we have some DIYs, and awesome new posts planned! Hope you all have a lovely week!

Sunday, March 14

Sunday Song

Sometimes it's just nice to listen to cheesy pop songs, and adding the Motown makes it oh so much better.

Friday, March 12


Easily my favorite type of movies are the ones that are so bad they are good. There seems to be much more going on in the backgrounds, experimental shots, and I believe a limited budget opens up a director to more creative solutions (see: George Lucas past vs. today). Possibly my favorite one of all (maybe favorite movie in general, it's really hard to choose) is the marvelous Barbarella. A camp classic, follows Jane Fonda in the future as the always sexy Barbarella adventuring to a new planet to find the long lost scientist Durand-Durand (yes, that's the origin of the band name).

Set in the 41st century, future fashion is full of metallic textures, fur, chain metal, and plastics; all as leotards with matching boots of course (also inspiring the fashions in the fifth element). Barbarella's clothing always manages to get partially torn of in one way or another during her adventures letting the viewer enjoy multiple outfit changes (my favorite being the fur number above). Although none of the outfits would be good for daily wear they would all make amazing Halloween costumes! Wardrobe is perfectly matched to the sex bomb theme with large hair, nude lips, and lots of black eye liner.

Scenes of danger are particularity wonderful as she seems to be always attacked by items completely harmless in real life. When she crashes her ship, strange sets of identical twins kidnap her only to have creepy little dolls attack her with razor sharp metal teeth (this scene creeps J out as he hates porcelain dolls). As parakeets start to peck her to death she says wonderful lines like, "this is really much too poetic of a way to die" and "a good many dramatic situations begin with screaming." Thankfully, luck seems to be on her side as someone always seems to appear last minute or miraculously a trap door is lays underneath her.

A sign of the times, landscapes are purely sixties with rainbows of color and trippy scenery. Space seems to be comprised of pink and blue lights on water droplets and gradient backgrounds. And when Barbarella is trapped in the dream chamber after having her invisible key stolen, we experience intense oil and water skies and tar-like swamps. I can't help but be impressed with the artist special effects as they surely are a treat to the eyes.

watch as I take of my bear suit to reveal....another bear suit!

This post may seem long but one of the reason I hate doing movie screen shots is there are always too many to choose from! I end of cutting a bunch of pretty shots so I won't kill load times so feel free to check out the rest on flickr.

Wednesday, March 10

pattterns a plenty

On Elle: Cardigan: Old Navy, Top: gap dress, Skirt: F21 dress, Shoes: target

Today is the day of big hair and model-y poses, I went for the Kate spade look and Jay for the typical male model (I should really learn some male model's names). After a new QI last night we both drifted to sleep dreaming of lollipops, unicorns, and never ending oceans. For the first time in quite awhile, we had the luxury to sleep in and be woken up by golden rays of sunshine rather than the beep-beep-beep of various alarms.

Thanks to the wonderful night of sleep, our minds were clearer getting dressed and we were able to put a better effort forth than the few previous days. I decided to take two dresses and wear them as a top and bottom; mixed and matched some stripes and ended up wishing it were warmer outside. Jay put on his brand new 6 dollar tie (what a steal!) and buffalo check shirt. to look like a suave professor. Apparently, when we get good rest our eyes wake up to say yes to patterns galore (never a bad thing!); movie post tomorrow!

On Jay: Cardigan: Old navy, Tie: Urban Outiftters, Jeans: H&M, Shirt, belt, boots: thrifted

Tuesday, March 9

elle wears

On Elle: Dress: Vintage, Belt: Thrifted

Super short post! I not much of a fan on maxi dresses but when I saw this one at my local vintage shop (in November) I bought with the intention of shortening it. Once I put it on however, I knew instantly it would be the only maxi dress I'd ever love. Can't wait for leisurely golden summer days to stroll around in it.

Sunday, March 7

Sunday Song

Saturday, March 6

jay wears

On Jay: Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: AA, Cardigan: H&M, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Guess

The first day at my current job they were having a funeral and no one told me. Good thing I was dressed appropriately, but since then I've been trying to buy clothes outside of mourning attire, purchasing clear sky blue shirts to brighten my look and hopefully survive the S.A.D. so common to Washington State though I think I can do better i.e. 'How To Get Ahead In Business Without Really Trying'. One step at a time.

Thursday, March 4

elle wears

On Elle: Dress: Banana Republic, Skirt: Aritzia, Tights: American Apparel, Shoes: Oh Deer

Years ago I bought this dress for about 15 dollars (working in a mall really helps for good deals). Since then I've worn it maybe 2 times but haven't had the heart to get rid of it; so I was pretty excited when I layered my high waisted skirt on top of it and it worked perfectly. Before, the dress fit the top and bottom but was excessively baggy around my waist and with the skirt it's creates a nice slim silhouette (although I'm not used to such tight clothing).

Meanwhile, In two short months of consistent posting we have reached over 50 followers! We are in awe of how sweet everyone has been with the internet having such a bad reputation. I know a lot of you have blogs and I've seen a few of them but would love to check out some more Please share them with us in the comments (or art, flickrs, anything, we'd love to get to know you)!

Tuesday, March 2

black & white & green all over

On Elle: Top: Urban Outfitters, Belt: AA, Skirt: H&M, Tights: AA, Shoes: Guess

Oh boy! We have been busy little bees as of late and have barely had a moments notice to see each other! Today we get a little time for ourselves so we are choosing to watch cheesy movies from the sixties and dig into a glorious carton of Ben & Jerry's half baked (I always pick out the goodies, Jay hates it). Yum! To match our relaxed day we didn't dress up too much. Although I think Jay looks darling in his J shirt, to quote him "it's funny because I'm Jay." Comfort won the battle but I think it's well deserved.

On Jay: Scarf: AA, Shirt: AA, Cardigan: Old Navy, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Monday, March 1

red eyes & jolly cheeks

We had a mini adventure walking down to the famous market of seafood, rainbows of vegetables, and dried flowers. Sometimes it nice to wander Seattle and play tourist so we can remember what sets it apart from other places in the world. Now if only we had enough money to enjoy the tasty treats whose scents filled the air!

Do you ever play tourist where you live? What do you love about your city?