Wednesday, March 24

share wear

On Both: J Hat: H&M, L Hat: Urban, J Jacket: H&M, L Jacket: J Crew, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Urban, J shoes: thrifted, L shoes: Oh deer!

Someone once said, "A boyfriend is an extra closet" and having lived with Elle for well over two years I would have to agree. When Elle feels her own wardrobe has finally exhausted itself, she moves on to mine, belting button-up shirts at the waist or tucking them into high-waisted skirts, draping my looser shirts so they hang like a dress, or rolling up the cuffs of my linen pants to be faux capris. Truthfully I don't mind as long as she doesn't turn into my doppleganger. It's just part of living with a girl.

Elle is rocking nearly the same outfit I wore the majority of last Summer with the exception of her large floppy hat. (Oh, that hat. She staked it out for months at at Urban Outfitters and then pounced when the price was right.) She actually won an online contest for this ensemble, which we're going to use for a new waffle iron as soon as they send it over.

My clothes, on the other hand, are not award-winning though they are quite comfortable. That straw fedora is a staple of Summertime fun including picnics, days at the beach, outdoor movies, BBQs, riding Laura's luxurious cruiser bike in the morning, and more picnics. I bought the shirt knowing it's neckline was a bit girly. It's a nice piece for layering and a wonderful decoy to keep Elle away from my blue linen shirt: holy grail of my warm weather wardrobe.

During the original photo shoot I rested Elle's hat in what I thought was the most appropriate place. Such a regal-looking camel. He looks like an Alfred to us.



  1. Well that's really cool. I only wear my sweetie's clothes to bed. I guess I just like smaller, more fitted stuff. How conventional of me!

  2. You both look so great! I wish my bf was more stylish, so I could raid his closet...