Wednesday, June 23

past & the present

Whenever I think about the summer J & I met I think of long car drives in the blazing heat with the windows rolled down, beach boys playing on the radio, and trying to get Jay out his his shell and sing along with me while placing my dirty ash-brown soled feet on the dashboard. After a few nights of no-sleep talking sessions and early morning breakfasts we went on our first real date, a picnic.

Nothing reminded me more of those days than when we went to Discovery Park for a hike and a picnic last Sunday. After trekking through a never ending blanket of evergreen trees (with only patches of sky peeking through the tops), flatted grass pathways in sweeping fields, and an inlet of clean white sand dotted with playing children we reached our cliff-topped edge for a view of the Puget Sound. Thanks to a change in weather (supplying us with the perfect sunny day) and an amazing wedding gift from our friends (picnic set complete with a blanket, utensils, napkins, & glasswares) we got to enjoy our made-from-scratch strawberry lemonade during the temporary break in the clouds.

Thursday, June 17

writer's block

To be honest I've had this post sitting in drafts for a few days. I like the pictures, it was a really nice day but for some reason when it comes to writing this post both Jay & I seem to be drawing a complete blank! Instead, here is a bit of what we enjoyed:

1. Peach honey sticks (made from local honey, they were supposed to be our wedding favors but never got put out. Thankfully, they never expire and taste amazing)
2. Wearing sunglasses (the weather has been rather poor lately so to wear them is a treat)
3. Early days (Elle out of work before noon & Jay graduated = time to see one another!)
4. Sun spotted sidewalks
5. Brand new paperbacks (who doesn't love the smell of a new book?)

On Jay: Hat, top, pants: H&M, Belt: thrifted, Shoes: Urban outfitters

On Elle: Top: H&M, Belt: F21, Skirt & Shoes: thrifted

Friday, June 11

2 of a kind

A funny thing happens when you live with someone for so long, you start to dress eerily similar. The other day I got up for work while Jay was sleeping, resulting in not seeing each other till four in the afternoon, yet somehow we managed to be perfectly coordinated in our navy-striped outfits. Feeling a little dorky we decided to go on a romp in our local conservatory.

On Jay: Button up: H&M, Top: H&M, Denim: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Thrifted

Although Jay has been here before, I have only walked by the bright white southern facade and peeked at the blooming flowers within. I fully regret waiting so long (If you see an interesting public building, go there!) because it perked up my entire day and made me long for a garden of our own!

Meanwhile we've been bad bloggers, dear readers. It's taken some time to get all of our wedding photos together (so many people brought cameras we would hate to miss an amazing photo) and our lazy butts have been using it to our advantage. Our first few weeks of marriage have been full of non-stop work schedules, helping my sister move into a shiny new apartment, Jay finishing his final college quarter (my lovely graduate!), bad weather, and late night meals. Although we still haven't had a moment to thoroughly rest, we are starting to feel refreshed as the craziness has died down and hoping the summer sun will start to join us!

On Elle: Top: Anthropologie, Belt: Urban outfitters, Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Thrifted