Thursday, June 17

writer's block

To be honest I've had this post sitting in drafts for a few days. I like the pictures, it was a really nice day but for some reason when it comes to writing this post both Jay & I seem to be drawing a complete blank! Instead, here is a bit of what we enjoyed:

1. Peach honey sticks (made from local honey, they were supposed to be our wedding favors but never got put out. Thankfully, they never expire and taste amazing)
2. Wearing sunglasses (the weather has been rather poor lately so to wear them is a treat)
3. Early days (Elle out of work before noon & Jay graduated = time to see one another!)
4. Sun spotted sidewalks
5. Brand new paperbacks (who doesn't love the smell of a new book?)

On Jay: Hat, top, pants: H&M, Belt: thrifted, Shoes: Urban outfitters

On Elle: Top: H&M, Belt: F21, Skirt & Shoes: thrifted


  1. You two are so fashionable and cute. Enjoy your summer reading:)

  2. I LOVE jay's outfit here! I like yours too hehe...especially the shoes. Jay's outfit is pretty much my idea of the perfect outfit for a guy. Cute pics:).

  3. I am loving brand new paperbacks this summer. Huzzah!

    Cute summer color outfits on you both!

  4. I've never heard of peach honey sticks,that's something I need to google :)
    very pretty outfits!
    enjoy the weather while you can

  5. We got the peach honey sticks from a local farm stand, there are other amazing flavors but we had only gottten peach, watermelon, adn sour cherry!

  6. Love your blog, it's so sweet and those photographs just made my day. So summer!:) I'm adding you on bloglovin' and my blogroll right away!xx
    ps: love your outfits.:)

  7. Cute photos.
    Cute clothes.
    Cute couple.
    Dammit, you've got me - totally following!!

    Percy Owl