Wednesday, July 1

Keeping it simple

Madewell Ames Boots

Over the years I've figured out something that really makes shopping a whole lot easier: I am not a shoe person. If I had figured that out sooner I would have happily saved a lot of money and time; however, instead I searched and searched for the shoes that I thought would finally complete my outfit without realizing they didn't need to make a statement of their own. Truly I feel like I (and most people) can get away with about 6 pairs of shoes: tall boots, short boots, oxfords, flats, tennis/running shoes, and sandals. Of course in the middle of Seoul's humid summers I'm missing the last two. In the meanwhile here is what I have to fill the other slots:

Madewell Ames BootsMadewell Ames black ankle boots

Stilmoda Oxfords Stilmoda brown oxfords

Frye Regina Flats Frye Regina black-brown flats

Sam Edelman Foster Boots Sam Edelman Foster tan knee high boots

I find that if you want to keep a minimal shoe wardrobe it's best to keep to simple lines and neutral colors. I'm usually drawn to styles with some masculine inspiration and rich leathers (there are some great vegan leathers options available too). Something to keep in mind, the care of your shoes is key! I condition all of my shoes and make sure to wipe them clean as soon as they get wet, due to this I've noticed a marked improve in the life and wear of my shoes. Be sure to check our this post on reddit about leather care and this post on insoles (they'll save your feet and posture).

  Frye Regina Flats