Wednesday, July 15

Style Inspirations: Iris Apfel

There is a current trend for simple dressing and mixing basics and while it makes for easy outfit making I love to mix in a few 'more is more' days. Someone truly inspiring in that sense is Iris Apfel. A notable figure in the fashion and design industry, she encompasses how to wear dramatic accessories, loud prints, and mix bright colors while looking classically herself.

Wednesday, July 1

Keeping it simple

Madewell Ames Boots

Over the years I've figured out something that really makes shopping a whole lot easier: I am not a shoe person. If I had figured that out sooner I would have happily saved a lot of money and time; however, instead I searched and searched for the shoes that I thought would finally complete my outfit without realizing they didn't need to make a statement of their own. Truly I feel like I (and most people) can get away with about 6 pairs of shoes: tall boots, short boots, oxfords, flats, tennis/running shoes, and sandals. Of course in the middle of Seoul's humid summers I'm missing the last two. In the meanwhile here is what I have to fill the other slots:

Madewell Ames BootsMadewell Ames black ankle boots

Stilmoda Oxfords Stilmoda brown oxfords

Frye Regina Flats Frye Regina black-brown flats

Sam Edelman Foster Boots Sam Edelman Foster tan knee high boots

I find that if you want to keep a minimal shoe wardrobe it's best to keep to simple lines and neutral colors. I'm usually drawn to styles with some masculine inspiration and rich leathers (there are some great vegan leathers options available too). Something to keep in mind, the care of your shoes is key! I condition all of my shoes and make sure to wipe them clean as soon as they get wet, due to this I've noticed a marked improve in the life and wear of my shoes. Be sure to check our this post on reddit about leather care and this post on insoles (they'll save your feet and posture).

  Frye Regina Flats

Tuesday, June 23

days, months, years? part two.


Let's do some math. 
977 days or 23448 hours or 1406880 minutes since our last update.

However, truthfully: 
1668 day or 40032 hours or 2401920 minutes since our last real entry.


As a reminder from our first post:

This is jay. This is elle.
We have many things in common like:
We are the same age,
like cheesy sci-fi b-movies,
and think there is nothing better than a midday nap.

I can confidently say all these things are still true. One can easily argue that everything is almost the same as it was 1,668 days ago. Now we have hairline fractures on our faces, have had more haircuts then you can count on your fingers, but have settled on the same style repeatedly, and have our same little knickknacks just in another apartment. 

In between then and now we've celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, traveled to some of our dream countries, and learned how to enjoy life in any situation. 

Top: H&M, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Sperry, Watch: Komono, Bracelet: ALand

IMG_8186 IMG_8153 IMG_8155

A mini timeline is as follows:

We finished our road trip all the way to Seattle! That was a bit of an abrupt ending to the blog…whoops.  We then spent the next 2 years living in a tiny house on Capitol hill and, in general, a bit unhappy with where our lives were going. We needed change!

In 2012 we made that change and moved to lovely Korea. We spent two years living in a wonderful “suburb” of Seoul called Bucheon. The funny thing about Korea is almost every town feels like a city as the standard buildings are high rise concrete apartments and living is as condensed as possible compared to the low-and-wide feeling in the United States.

Then our wanderlust took over us again resulting in a year long nomad lifestyle. We started off in Japan and fell in love with the Osaka area, moved on and WWOOFed on the big island of Hawaii, had a stint in Los Angeles, and finally visited family in Seattle and Austin. As exhausting as it was, I would never trade our experiences for anything.

As of the end of March 2015, we returned to Korea! This time we are in a quieter place outside of Seoul that offers a bit more nature and a country attitude but is only 20 minutes away from the lively city.

Now we, although mostly Elle, make a return to blogging because it makes us happy to look at our old pictures and read our memories.

IMG_8163 IMG_8139 IMG_8168

These pictures we taken in Daehak-ro or Ehwa mural village, close to Dongdaemun. It’s worth the walk since when it comes to street art in Seoul you really have to seek it out! This more traditional neighborhood was losing business and, in a (successful) effort to revitalize it, the government commissioned local artists to paint murals all around. We spent an afternoon with friends walking up the winding hills spotted with art, coffee shops, and ice cream novelties.

Top: H&M, Skirt: Express, Hat: ASOS, Shoes: Frye

eIMG_8193 eIMG_8164

Wednesday, October 17

Korea by the seconds

Oh, hello blog. We've abandoned you for so long, but here we are with a short video! If you are not a close friend of ours or family you must not know we have been living in South Korea for the past 6 months. Here is a little taste of our life (notice Elle is completely absent from the video aside from her feet, I wonder who recorded it all!)

Monday, November 29

New York, New York



What a wonderful town! Travel-weary and homesick we nearly skipped over this gem of the east coast, but thankfully our friend and any other New Yorker we happened to meet laughed when they heard about our "day trip to New York". Needless to say we stayed a week, exploring mostly Brooklyn and Manhattan, without scratching the surface of this city of cities.


clean laundry

We could have spent days in the MOMA alone, staring at the countless beautiful paintings and video exhibitions. Another wonderful surprise was the ICP (International Center of Photography), which we did not get any pictures of, but is well-worth a visit if you are going on the museum circuit.

We left heavy-hearted, our heads filled with the sights and sounds of New York, a trip back across the country ahead of us and the promise to move there someday soon.

New York