Wednesday, September 30

September 2015 Playlist

Monday, September 28

Style snapshots: Coffee date

On Elle: glasses: Style Nanda sweater: JCrew pants: H&M shoes:small shop in Shibuya bag: Sephora freebie (shh!)

On Jay: jacket: Todd Snyder shirt: H&M watch: komono pants: GU shoes: sperry top siders

On a coffee date in Yeonnam-dong on a unusually cool day.

Japan: Week Two


Could it get any hotter in Japan then our first week? Well, yes. We made our way to Tokyo for the first time! Flying into Haneda airport was one of the better decisions we made; compared to Narita airport (which we flew out of) it is a breeze to hop on a bus and get into the city.

One of the dilemmas a lot of people face while travelling is where to actually stay when you haven't been there before. You want to find some place convenient for your planned activities, ideally affordable, and hopefully an interesting neighborhood. After some quick research (ahem, Googled "hipster neighborhoods Tokyo") we settled on an AirBnb in Shimokitazawa. Easily the best decision in our entire trip; its streets are littered with cheap eats, thrifts shops, and hair salons.


Wednesday, August 26

Japan: Week One


I feel like we both grew up during a time of an obsession with Japan, probably all thanks to Toonami and Uwajimaya. When we went to the Kansai region last year we were excited but prepared for some disappointment for the sake of being realistic, yet somehow Japan lived up to all our 12-year-old dreams. We are lucky enough to be living such a short distance away that we can actually take quick weekend trips but decided to save up for 2 week stay in the hottest part of summer in Osaka and Tokyo.

curry and takoyaki for days


Thursday, August 20

August 2015 Playlist

The end of summer mood.