Wednesday, September 29

santa barbara

world tour

After staying in a tiny little hostel in a tiny little town we headed out at 6 am to drive further south landing in Santa Barbara. The early morning payed off with vast blue skies without a single cloud dotting the sky. A word to the wise though, despite it being a town in California with beaches it is definitely not a California beach town!

Three things we loved:
1. Blood orange & vanilla frozen yogurt
2. Empty sandy beaches
3. Taking off our sunglasses when the sun finally set!

beach bay

ocean suds


Thursday, September 23

Monterrey Aquarium


While in Monterrey we naturally had to visit the aquarium! As we weaved through the parents & children in maze like configurations (for a Monday morning it was packed!) we saw creatures of the deep, penguins, flamingos, and entire section devoted to jellyfish (amazing). The aquarium was so rich in sea life that we were completely exhausted by the end! Anyway there is not too much to say so enjoy the pictures after the cut!


Monday, September 20

Refugio Beach



oh barnacles

pacific ocean

rocky II

If I had the skills and money I would build a tiny shack on refugio beach (there was a small patch of grass with a medium-sized lemon tree to shade our imaginary windows) it would be painted the same robin's egg blue as the abandoned life guard stands and our diet would consist of nothing but picnic fare.

We made our way down the previous mountain and to the shores again; spotting what I had been lusting longingly for so long, climbing rocks. My strongest memories of living in california at a young age were these giant rocks on sandy beaches (while wearing an over-sized sweater and neon leggings of course) so I was craving a visit to nostalgic times, thankfully they didn't disappoint. In addition to completing lost memories, we had the joy of friendly campers! I can't help but think they took a little pity on us (with our tiny little tent and sleeping bags compared to RVs and air mattresses) lending extra wood and an axe to hammer in our tent spikes, but thankfully their kindness & conversation created the most amazing camping experience yet.

Friday, September 17

laguna seca


After leaving Monterrey (we will post aquarium pictures shortly), we found a little camping site (by little, I mean one of many on top of a mountain) situated next to a formula 1 raceway. It probably doesn't sound ideal but was easily the most secluded nature friendly campsite we've come across so far! Not to mention the view was amazing to wake up to!

During the afternoon we climbed trees, hiked trails & ran away from bees, all the while listening to the distant zooms and zips of the drivers below. We finished the day as any great camping trip should: with marshmallows both flaming and toasted to a tasty golden brown. At night we cuddled up around our lamp, drifting off to sleep while the strong mountain winds ruffled our tiny tent.

yellow peeks

mountain view


Wednesday, September 15

heart's desire beach

misty morning

Since we've started this trip I've gathered a small bundle of landscape shots, but rather than flood the page I thought I'd share this particularly gorgeous scene we got to peek in on the early morning of northern California (extremely soothing after a rough night of camping). And after a bit more driving we were treated to a beachy oasis and a maze-like 8 mile hike to the top of a mountain; complete with climbing structures, tightrope wooden pathways, and endless ocean breezes.

Three things we loved:
1 a far-from-perfect-pathway that made us feel like we were in the Goonies
2 trader joe's dried mango
3 a beach that only we were on



the cove

Thursday, September 9

northern california

tiny eye

Nothing goes better with long drives than short trips to the beach to stretch our toes. A refreshing difference from Washington shore, we got peeks of blue sky and salty winds.

A few of our favorite things:

1 bright robin's egg blue lifeguard houses
2 stubby puppies barking at the waves
3 coarse ocean breezed hair

seagull by the seashore

lens flare

Wednesday, September 1

Portland, OR

grandma's perfume

On Elle: Cardigan: free, Top: anthropologie, Dress: jcrew, Shoes: urban outfitters

Originally Portland wasn't part of the plan, but thanks to a broken alternator (just our luck!) we got to explore the city more than we ever had before. Turns out this city is amazing (why hello there food trucks)! Like Seattle, it's easy to find natural wonderlands without venturing far but unlike Seattle they have a giant national park not far from the city center. We devoted our first day to hiking the long trails starting with Washington Park (their showcase park) stopping to smell the roses in the international test garden.


shakespeare's garden
On Jay: Shirt: thrifted, Belt: thrifted, Jeans: urban outfitters, Shoes: jcrew

We did have a little help finding the right places to be as my uncle has been living here since before I was born (funny enough due to his car breaking down while on his way to San Diego)! He took us on tour of the 'hipster' areas lined in glorious endless rows of vintage shops with spectacular danish modern furniture at crazy low prices (we dream!) and frocks priced in single digit numbers. Overall, seeing so much greatness was a little bit overwhelming and we only snagged a few things, but we will definitely add this city as a stop in the future.


small things

set ups