Wednesday, September 1

Portland, OR

grandma's perfume

On Elle: Cardigan: free, Top: anthropologie, Dress: jcrew, Shoes: urban outfitters

Originally Portland wasn't part of the plan, but thanks to a broken alternator (just our luck!) we got to explore the city more than we ever had before. Turns out this city is amazing (why hello there food trucks)! Like Seattle, it's easy to find natural wonderlands without venturing far but unlike Seattle they have a giant national park not far from the city center. We devoted our first day to hiking the long trails starting with Washington Park (their showcase park) stopping to smell the roses in the international test garden.


shakespeare's garden
On Jay: Shirt: thrifted, Belt: thrifted, Jeans: urban outfitters, Shoes: jcrew

We did have a little help finding the right places to be as my uncle has been living here since before I was born (funny enough due to his car breaking down while on his way to San Diego)! He took us on tour of the 'hipster' areas lined in glorious endless rows of vintage shops with spectacular danish modern furniture at crazy low prices (we dream!) and frocks priced in single digit numbers. Overall, seeing so much greatness was a little bit overwhelming and we only snagged a few things, but we will definitely add this city as a stop in the future.


small things

set ups

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