Friday, August 27

on the road

Goodbye Seattle, hello Austin! But first, a 2 month round trip road trip!

We are swapping rain for shine, going down and around the entire US continental coast back to our home of Seattle. Traveling with us is my new love (sorry Jay) the itty bitty heavy duty honey yellow Volvo. The car is packed to the brim with plenty of cameras; be expecting flood of pictures coming soon!


  1. sounds like fun!Enjoy & take tons of photos :)

  2. Yay! I love road trips, that's real way to see a place :)

  3. You guys are just too freaking cute! I want to go on a road trip! Have fun!!!!

  4. I don't have the internet at home, I'm missing out on seeing all your adventures! Are you coming back to seattle in 2016? if so let's make a plan and hang out please please!!!
    Y'all are the best. xoxo