Friday, August 28


My obsession with the big haired ladies of the sixties has been growing again, reminding me that I must rent Barbarella again (although I really ought to buy it considering it is in my top five favorite movies). Something about the heavy eye liner, nude lips, and big thick hair gives the perfect balance of innocence and pure sex. If it wasn't for the hair fiasco of '08 my mane could be a luscious as theirs' but I suppose I don't have too long to wait.

Wednesday, August 26

a hop, skip, and a jump

It is starting to be a rarity that the sun shines strongly in the Seattle sky. Today we picked up our lazy, somewhat sick, butts and dragged it to our favorite park just a couple blocks away. There is nothing better to do on a sunny day than leisurely walking in the prettiest park in the city.

days, months, years?

This is elle. This is jay.

We have many things in common like:
We are the same age,
like cheesy sci-fi b-movies,
and think there is nothing better than a midday nap.