Monday, September 20

Refugio Beach



oh barnacles

pacific ocean

rocky II

If I had the skills and money I would build a tiny shack on refugio beach (there was a small patch of grass with a medium-sized lemon tree to shade our imaginary windows) it would be painted the same robin's egg blue as the abandoned life guard stands and our diet would consist of nothing but picnic fare.

We made our way down the previous mountain and to the shores again; spotting what I had been lusting longingly for so long, climbing rocks. My strongest memories of living in california at a young age were these giant rocks on sandy beaches (while wearing an over-sized sweater and neon leggings of course) so I was craving a visit to nostalgic times, thankfully they didn't disappoint. In addition to completing lost memories, we had the joy of friendly campers! I can't help but think they took a little pity on us (with our tiny little tent and sleeping bags compared to RVs and air mattresses) lending extra wood and an axe to hammer in our tent spikes, but thankfully their kindness & conversation created the most amazing camping experience yet.


  1. This post is lovely ! I find your blog to be such an inspiration and am always looking forward to new publication from you guys !

  2. Love the photos!
    It looks so serene :)