Friday, March 26

a few of elle's favorite things

Do you love ice cream? Of course you do, everyone loves ice cream! Well, maybe not the lactose intolerant so much... However you know what is so much more amazing than ice cream? Frozen custard! Seriously, if you have the calories to spare you ought to use them on this.

When we are feeling a need for sweets we trek our tired toes and head over to what we call dessert alley a.k.a. capitol hill's pike street. Within a 3 block stretch there are 2 ice cream shops, a cupcake bakery, and Old School Frozen Custard. Despite only having three flavors a day (vanilla, chocolate and a flavor of the day), we can't seem to ever get sick of this place. And after an absolutely terrible previous day my eyes lite up like a kid's on Christmas when I saw cookie dough as the flavor of the day. Now when it come to cookie dough ice cream I don't share, well I can, but you should only expect vanilla ice cream left. Yeah, I'm a picker I can't help it, so for your sake get your own scoop (Jay has learned this the hard way). But seriously, look at that glee on my face. I'm in heaven.

In addition to creamy delights, it was a particularly golden day; warm enough that I could wear my favorite summer sloppy tee with out a coat and bright enough that I could wear my favorite sunglasses with out becoming blind as a bat. Zebra rainbow stripes? I know, cheesy. However, when my 16-year-old self found these in their 50 cent glory she was in love (plus they remind me of the summer I met Jay, aww). After filling our stomachs we thought we'd empty our wallets a little more treasure hunting at the thrift store, alas we ended buying nothing, so hungry again we headed home for some peach pie I made earlier (don't be surprised if you see our chubbier alter egos soon). If only I had remembered to put the memory card in the camera to properly document such a wonderful day (hence the cell phone quality)!


  1. Laura, seriously, it's illegal to be so damn cute. At least get a zit or something!

  2. That is freakin' adorable! I wish we had a dessert alley where I live!

  3. Aw so cute! That pie looks so good!