Friday, April 2

You are cordially invited...

I have probably looked at more wedding invitations in the past week than I have in my entire life. After, ogling over the various invites on OnceWed and DesignSponge and wishing I had a glorious budget to spare; I set out to make my own. I have a no-so-secret obsession with patterns and when I'm in doubt it's pattern overload. After searching through my (almost) hundreds of self made photoshop patterns we went along with scalloped waves, soft shades of blue and teal, dotted accents, and snarky comments. Two hours of cutting, folding, gluing, hot chocolate, and one trip to the post office later we are left with 75 sheets of recycled paper, 200 postcards, and an abundance of envelopes. Total cost with leftover supplies= $35


  1. Such a cute invitation card. Love the RSVP tick boxes (or circles here). Congratulation and i hope the preparations will go smoothly :)

  2. oh how wonderful! congratulations on your nuptials - you're getting married on my 22nd birthday btw... isn't may a great month?!


  3. Those are the cutest RSVP comments on a wedding invitation! I hope you share how many people answered which circle. heh

    Many good wishes and blessings to the both of you. :)

  4. I just became your newest stalker after finding you on weardrobe.. that dang dachshund print screamed my name until I clicked over to your profile to satisfy the urge to know more. I'm going to tell my 30 followers to join me in trolling your archives, I'm sorry in advance.