Saturday, April 17

scalloped edges

Just a couple of oldies from an afternoon at the antique shop down by the water (our recent photos turned out to be bummers)!

After a quick stop to the candy shop for some salt water taffy (root beer you are the best), we shuffled through the old pictures (always Jay's favorite part) and I ogled at the pricey clothing.

The weather has been getting spring-ier and I'm sure our pictures will be perfect next week. (Especially excited as I've been DIY-ing all week!)

Hope you lovely readers have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. I seriously just did my hair like that with the braids an hour ago, you look beautiful!

  2. I love that antique shop, I'm so excited to be back in seattle!!!

  3. I only just stumbled across your blog today and it's soooo lovely and cute and wonderful and made me smile. Following and looking forward to your future posts :)

    Laura x