Wednesday, April 14

four eyes

Dear Eyes, thank you so much for your still current 20/20 vision; although questionable after long bouts on the computer. However, your gift to me makes me jealous of my fine framed friends who can change styles in an instant.

Despite feeling like a little bit of a poseur, I still have started a growing obsession with collecting frames and sunnies. For the longest time I had been convinced glasses could not work on my face thanks to uneven ears and awkward teenage years, but that all changed thanks to one perfect pair: not circle, not square, but somewhere in between. Unfortunately they broke all too long ago but opened up my eyes to framing my eyes. I like to think of them as an accessory rather than a necessity; turning outfits with a slightly hippie vibe into full on 70s or an office getup into geek chic. Luckily, the current trends are on my side and providing me with cheap vintage-inspired lovelies when I can't find the authentic ones on my own.

1. Prism London 2. Anthropologie 3. Modcloth 4. Fred Flare 5. Etsy 6. Etsy 7. American Apparel


  1. The ones you're wearing in the first picture remind me of Harry Potter :]

  2. Cute! I love the second ones you are wearing!

  3. Totally agree with the Harry Potter comment, love them!