Sunday, February 28

Sunday Song

Just a lovely song to soundtrack the end of our weekend.

Friday, February 26

Puffy face

On Elle: Headband: handmade, Top: H&M, Cardigan: Old Navy, Belt: F21, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Sketchers

Apologies for the sub-standard photos, Elle desperately wanted to take a picture today before work so this is our rushed attempt to fashion a home studio for when the sunlight isn't shining. Nice, except for the power outlet. Elle wore a light and airy outfit, fit for Summertime fun.

She's been playing around, making origami-inspired accessories and the headband is actually a ninja star necklace.

Hopefully we can iron out the issues of lighting and take many beautiful photos. Enjoy your Casual Friday readers.

Wednesday, February 24

In The Spaces Between Houses

On Jay: Jacket: Old Navy, Glasses: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: thrifted, Belt: thrifted, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Guess

Back to the days of lackluster weather. Elle and I scurried around the neighborhood looking for sun spots to take a nice picture. Houses around Washington surprisingly favor shades of gray to match the sky so each of us tried our best to wear a small spot of color. Mine, a floral-patterned shirt to call upon the Gods of premature Spring and Elle's, a vibrant dress that reminds me of a pineapple.

On Elle: Jacket: Anthropologie, Shirt: Express, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Target

That is Elle's 'I think that car wants to park here' face. Isn't she lovely even when briskly walking for her safety?

Tuesday, February 23

jay wears

On Jay: Hat: H&M, Shirt: H&M, Suspenders: Urban Outfitters, Bow tie: Handmade, Trousers: thrifted, Boots: thrifted

I supposed Jay should really be making this post as it's his outfit but he is at school. He is, however, darling and I felt a need to share this. Occasionally J bartends at his work for fancy little writing events and productions. We've been testing the theory that his gets more tips when he wears bow ties so I made him this little seashell one from scrap fabric. The results are in, definitely more tips with bow ties. Hello, salted caramel cupcake!

Monday, February 22


"Our machine broke down" Never exactly the answer you want to get when you go to pick up your film, but considering the dragon lady before us had just roared her fiery breath as hard as she could at the poor employees who couldn't magically fix her film, "No biggie" is all we could say. Despite the awkward over-developed/under-developed ratio on these pictures I actually quite like all of the imperfections. The roll, luckily, was only a test. Jay treated himself to a Diana mini for Christmas and we have been trotting it along with us ever since.

Friday, February 19

elle wears

On Elle: Cardigan: H&M, Top: Second Hand, Bow: Plain 'ol Ribbon, Shorts: DIY Guess?, Tights: Gift, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Cape: Vintage

Almost daily mini outfit posts? Yes please, thank you. For a small trip to Volunteer park to finish some shots for the stop animation (yes, still working on it..) I stuck within my casual geeky comfort zone. Thankfully the sun has choosen to love the sky Seattle sky lately and we were treated to almost warm weather! I'm a sucker for summer and hoping this isn't just a big tease but here to stay; I would, however, surely miss the opportunity to wear this amazing vintage cape I found at the beginning of winter. With it's incredibly warm soft mohair-like fabric & floral patterned lining it's perfect for twirling in.

Wednesday, February 17

time time time...

On Elle: Top: H&M, Skirt: Handmade, Tights: Gift, Shoes: Nordstrom

In a stroke of creativity I whipped out this skirt in 2 hours the other day. I'm exceptionally proud because I tend never to finish sewing projects. I get to the last bit, like a hem, and set it aside to never complete it. This has however changed recently for who knows why; maybe the motivation of having items to wear on the blog! I love the little circular detailing as it reminds me of paper pinwheels, but I will talk more about the skirt and other things tomorrow!

We had a quick little windy photo session near our apartment. Jay had just gotten home from school and I was on my way out to work hence the simple outfits! Unfortunately our schedules have not been meshing lately so we have only been seeing each other for about an hour during the daytime(though we could always take night photos). Soon that will change and we can go back to roaming the neighborhood, eating candy, and giggling while looking for magical lighting or rusty backgrounds.
On Jay: Jacket: Urban Outfitters, Button Up: Guess, Pants: H&M, Suspenders: Thrifted, Shoes: Guess

Friday, February 12

gap toothed lovelies

(Sorry for the glam shot)

I remember a time at the dentist probably about ten years ago (boy do I feel old) when they had suggested giving me braces. He had been talking to my mother and I was zoning out to the primary colored posters pasted to the ceiling when he said,"her teeth are straight and there is room for her wisdom teeth to grow in but we might want braces for 3 years to remove that unsightly gap." Unfortunately he hit me at a time when all you wanted to do was blend into the crowd; for years after I spent covering my mouth when I smiled and wishing my mom would have let me get the braces. Eventually I outgrew those foolish feelings and been rocking my gap ever since, full teeth smiling and all!

Recently I've read quite a few articles declaring them a trend. While I'm not sure how something you are born with can necessarily be a trend; I am happy to see so many lovely ladies like Lara Stone, Anna Paquin, Georgia May Jagger and Vanessa Paradis proudly presenting their spaced pearly whites. If only when I was younger I had role models like them to look up to or had known of the gorgeous ladies like Bridgitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and Laura Hutton that had rocked them in previous decades than maybe I would have learned sooner to love what you were given with.

Wednesday, February 10

will you be our valentine?

On Elle: Top: H&M, Belt: F21, Skirt: F21, Tights: Hue, Shoes: Thrifted

The holiday of love is coming up as you may already dread or are excited for. Gone are the easier days of cheap printed paper with our favorite characters and small candies (be nice, always give one to all classmates!). Instead nowadays we share handmade cards with inside jokes, make as fancy of a meal as 10 dollars can afford, and snuggle inside the cozy warmth of our home sipping hot chocolate. Despite our plan of sticking at home while the love bugs go out, we like to continue the fancy theme and dress as romantically as possible.

On Jay: Blazer: By Elle, Shirt: Thrifted, Tie: Thrifted, Vest: Thrifted, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Urban

He may not look it, but Jay is terribly excited about this look. Why? I finally managed to finish the blazer I started from almost-scratch months ago for him! Being an extra-small male makes it extremely hard to find blazers so I had to take all my sewing knowledge so he could finally have that fitted blazer he's been dreaming of. I do have to say so myself he looks absolutely charming and I'm surprised I managed it! I opted for fluttery rose colored bows and shades of blues for something almost sickeningly sweet without screaming 'Valentine's Day'. Match it with extra cold weather and no coat for ultra rosey cheeks and deep pink lips. Hope your Valentine's Day will be as coo-infilled as ours!

Monday, February 8

we are excited!

What feels like a long long loooong time ago we started a little stop animation for our save the date. What we imagined would only time a week, with a little sneak peek here, has taken us almost a month due to time constraints and wanting to sleep at night instead. However! We are both extremely excited because we finally found a little chunk of time and finished filming all of the scenes. I thought I would share a better little sneak peek for everyone to enjoy:

I am so close to being done with the editing, but since it is 5am I think I might set it aside just for a tiny bit longer and get some real sleep to start fresh on it tomorrow!

Thursday, February 4

Speaking of umbrellas..

When it comes to movies, Jay and I believe the prettier the better. One of our favorites is Les Parapluies de Cherbourg or in English, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Being Jacques Demy's tribute to that American musical of the past every word is sung to a melodic tune and the scenes are drenched in vibrant colors. As my heart grows softer my eyes grew saltier watching the depressingly realistic love story.

The film gives me plenty of eye candy; with today's movies so sadly lacking in color it a refreshing treat. I love how every scene is full of rich colors of the rainbow favoring reds, pinks, and greens combined with elaborate wallpapers and striped details. Amazing things happen as they mix lemon, sea green, fuschia, red and purple in a small space yet somehow manage not to burn your retinas, instead pulling you in to a dreamlike world you wish you could live in.

On top of the lovely scenery the leading ladies have an amazing wardrobe I can only yearn for. Genevieve finds comfort in pastel colors, peter pan collars, bows, and scalloped edges (aka everything I want in my clothes). Meanwhile, her mother sticks to bright matching skirted suits that look perfect for the chic little umbrella shop. Guy stays a bit more basic in his wardrobe; blazers, button ups, and sweaters mainly but what truly defines the men's clothes for me in this movie are the jaunty little sailors strolling around town in every scene.

That hair! I wish I could share more pictures with you (I managed 87 gorgeous screenshots for a 91 minute movie!) but I didn't want to assault you loading times! Just trust us, you need to watch this as soon as possible.

Monday, February 1

rainy we wear

On Jay: Glasses: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: JCrew, Button up: H&M, Tie: thrifted, Pants: French Connection, Shoes: Guess?

Sometimes when I am trying to think of something to write I start to explore new bloggers and see what they like to say. Have you ever tried this? It starts a cycle of 'ooh that's cute' 'what about this next person?' 'I love that..' and hours later (and I mean hours) I notice the sad little tab that says Create Post. I'm not going to do that this time; there is not much to say as we only went as far as our parking garage to take these. The Seattle clouds overhead seemed to be leaking furiously at the time and we thought we would stick to staying dry.

On Elle: Earrings: F21, Top: Second hand, Belt: F21, Skirt: Vintage thrifted, Tights: Anthropologie, Shoes: Thrifted

When all else fails have a little France Gall love: