Thursday, February 4

Speaking of umbrellas..

When it comes to movies, Jay and I believe the prettier the better. One of our favorites is Les Parapluies de Cherbourg or in English, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Being Jacques Demy's tribute to that American musical of the past every word is sung to a melodic tune and the scenes are drenched in vibrant colors. As my heart grows softer my eyes grew saltier watching the depressingly realistic love story.

The film gives me plenty of eye candy; with today's movies so sadly lacking in color it a refreshing treat. I love how every scene is full of rich colors of the rainbow favoring reds, pinks, and greens combined with elaborate wallpapers and striped details. Amazing things happen as they mix lemon, sea green, fuschia, red and purple in a small space yet somehow manage not to burn your retinas, instead pulling you in to a dreamlike world you wish you could live in.

On top of the lovely scenery the leading ladies have an amazing wardrobe I can only yearn for. Genevieve finds comfort in pastel colors, peter pan collars, bows, and scalloped edges (aka everything I want in my clothes). Meanwhile, her mother sticks to bright matching skirted suits that look perfect for the chic little umbrella shop. Guy stays a bit more basic in his wardrobe; blazers, button ups, and sweaters mainly but what truly defines the men's clothes for me in this movie are the jaunty little sailors strolling around town in every scene.

That hair! I wish I could share more pictures with you (I managed 87 gorgeous screenshots for a 91 minute movie!) but I didn't want to assault you loading times! Just trust us, you need to watch this as soon as possible.


  1. Oh funny, Django and I were at a flea market in Montreal and we came across the Vinyl! Django was so tempted to purchased it but did not due to the Vinyl being in bad condition! I have never watched the movie but feel very tempted now!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  2. I watched this movie as a child. We even had the soundtrack growing up.

  3. wow!!! those screen pictures look so wonderful!!!! it's always refreshing to see old movies.. :D