Friday, February 26

Puffy face

On Elle: Headband: handmade, Top: H&M, Cardigan: Old Navy, Belt: F21, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Sketchers

Apologies for the sub-standard photos, Elle desperately wanted to take a picture today before work so this is our rushed attempt to fashion a home studio for when the sunlight isn't shining. Nice, except for the power outlet. Elle wore a light and airy outfit, fit for Summertime fun.

She's been playing around, making origami-inspired accessories and the headband is actually a ninja star necklace.

Hopefully we can iron out the issues of lighting and take many beautiful photos. Enjoy your Casual Friday readers.


  1. Aww that headband is so pretty, as is the rest of your outfit :)

  2. oh my, these shots are so lovely. that headband is great. i would totally wear it. love your creativity!!

  3. I love your blog, especially this look. The pale colours and bow looks great on you. I'm adding you to my blog list :).

  4. Elle is so beautiful this photo couldn't be called anything BUT beautiful. Love the outfit. So delightful. It seems to me like wearable cupcakeness. Also, love love the hairband. I will have to get my husband to make me something like it (he, unlike me, has the patience for origami). Is it just paper?

  5. The headband is awesome! I love origami - had a friend who would make the most intricate designs and flowers out of only paper, it was amazing.

  6. Kimberellie, it's actually fabric. I simplified some origami patterns so they would translate to fabric better and ironed it like crazy!!
    He could probably make it with some textured paper, you couldn't get it wet but it'd look just as pretty!

  7. This is so pretty! I love everything about it! the colors, the textures, everything...perfect
    <3 Dana

  8. the headband is gorgeous! Nice work!