Wednesday, February 10

will you be our valentine?

On Elle: Top: H&M, Belt: F21, Skirt: F21, Tights: Hue, Shoes: Thrifted

The holiday of love is coming up as you may already dread or are excited for. Gone are the easier days of cheap printed paper with our favorite characters and small candies (be nice, always give one to all classmates!). Instead nowadays we share handmade cards with inside jokes, make as fancy of a meal as 10 dollars can afford, and snuggle inside the cozy warmth of our home sipping hot chocolate. Despite our plan of sticking at home while the love bugs go out, we like to continue the fancy theme and dress as romantically as possible.

On Jay: Blazer: By Elle, Shirt: Thrifted, Tie: Thrifted, Vest: Thrifted, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Urban

He may not look it, but Jay is terribly excited about this look. Why? I finally managed to finish the blazer I started from almost-scratch months ago for him! Being an extra-small male makes it extremely hard to find blazers so I had to take all my sewing knowledge so he could finally have that fitted blazer he's been dreaming of. I do have to say so myself he looks absolutely charming and I'm surprised I managed it! I opted for fluttery rose colored bows and shades of blues for something almost sickeningly sweet without screaming 'Valentine's Day'. Match it with extra cold weather and no coat for ultra rosey cheeks and deep pink lips. Hope your Valentine's Day will be as coo-infilled as ours!


  1. This is so cute, and I love the pink! Am also in love with photographing in nature. Happy Valentines Day to you two =)

  2. you both look lovely!

  3. Wow, you two are just adorable. You look particularly lovely in these pics!