Friday, July 2

Wedding: Food

As a fresh new month starts we, of course, would start with something nearly two months old. However, it's the start of the wedding photos (so it can't be that bad)! It's going to be split into a few parts; all full of lots of large pictures so to keep your loading times down we've put them behind a cut. Today lovely readers you get food porn.

Since Jay and I are both major foodies at heart this was one of our biggest concerns. We definitely lucked out it terms of helpful family members (my mother, grandpa, grandma, aunt & uncles have had many years of cooking and setting up for reunions 200+) and we barely had to do any of the main work (except for Jay roasting potatoes one batch at a time in our wee oven for 9 hours, thanks love!).

However, that was only half of the food; somehow my amazing brother managed to provide the other half by himself in the form of bite sized eats, fresh breads, and old style fruit displays. When Jay & I had originally talked about food all he could do was reminisce about the past 2 years of thanksgiving at my brothers so he was more than excited when my brother offered to set us up so he could test out some recipes from his classic 50s cookbooks! I wish I could share everything we had but here is a little idea: stuffed mushrooms, grilled orange & thyme kabobs, pita & hummus, pink lady apples, ripe watermelon, marinaded asparagus, and bratwurst.

One thing was for sure when we started this, Jay was dead set on pies. I'm not really a pie person (blasphemy I know!) so I was a little bit weary about cooking them; but again, the family came through in the form of Jay's aunt who has been perfecting her pies for years! Aside from the perfectly gorgeous lattice weaves and crumb toppings, they must had tasted just as good as they were gone with in a few minutes. She also went through the trouble of making Jay a special pie, in honor of our beloved cancelled show, the Pear-Gruyere pie!

Meanwhile, I set out to make a swiss butter-cream and classic white cake for 50, which turned out surprisingly well (and sturdy I might add)! However getting people to eat it is a story for the aftermath...! About a week before we also made a few tiny treats, fleur de sel chocolate dipped caramels (which I cannot believe we resisted long enough for them to make it to the wedding), chocolate dipped pretzels, and my mom made her classic Russian tea cakes (hers are the best I swear!). Overall making for an amazing feast that we wished for more leftovers of!

Part Two tomorrow


  1. This is so great! My brother-in-law is a chef. We asked him to cater our wedding dinner in 2007. I was starting to wonder recently if my sweetie and I were the only people that recruited family members to do the wedding tasks.

    Also, I LOVE Russian tea cakes. NOM!!!

  2. It looks delicious, and totally my kind of food :D I love nibbles like that - perfect for the summer! It's wonderful that your family was so involved as it makes the occasion even more special.

  3. Hmm, you sweeties make me hungry.:) Totally my piece of cake(okay, very dull joke ;D). Ohh, pushing daisies is wonderful, what were they thinking to cancel it?! I love those photographs as well, who took them?
    One thing I learned from you: Jay and Laura are the most beautiful couple in the world, can you believe I went all the way through your archive? I just can not get enough of your magical posts. :D

  4. OMG, i love you both! you look so cute together!
    i follow you :)!

  5. your blog is the loveliest blog I've ever encountered ;D definitely following

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