Wednesday, July 14

Wedding: Decor

After a litte wait on to part three of the wedding posts, my favorite being the decor!

Is it bad that one of my favorite things about our wedding is that it only cost about $500? I suppose it could be. That's 250 dollars for food, 90 dollars on rentals, 60 dollars on outfits, and 100 dollars on decorations. I've never really been able to fathom how a wedding could even cost so much! (I suppose a rather large chunk of change is the location and ours was free!) Easiest way to decorate while keeping the costs low? Jars. I've now completely fallen in love with plain ol' canning jars. We collected about 50 of them over the course of a month and guess how much it cost us? $6 That's 9 cents each plus tax. Dip them half way in white paint and flip them upside down (above, left side), wrap in twine, or chalkboard spray paint the bottom half (below, right side) and it really adds to a cozy atmosphere.

Another way we saved money: collecting flowers ourselves. The night before our wedding, Jay and I strolled through the neighborhood with a bucket and a pair of scissors, searching for white flowers and greenery with interesting textures (only from the overgrown fields, no private gardens of course!) The day of the wedding we combined them with herbs from my uncle's garden and bits of branches and twigs covered in moss, that we had also collected earlier from the floors of the forest behind Jay's old house.

As for the itty bitty details, we drew out "eat, drink" and "be merry" on little note cards hooked on the sides of jars with clothes pins, dip-dyed napkins wrapped in twine, sent some butcher paper down as a table runner (table cloths were actually thrifted bed sheets & worked perfectly) and filled jars with vanilla & mint candles (sure it was day time, but who doesn't love a nice smelling candle?).

Want to do an easy DIY? Buy some chalkboard spray paint and spray your old wine bottles down (or any decorative bottle for the matter). After a good cleaning we did just that for our water holders; tip: leave the labels on for a smother look & tape of the rim of the bottle, you don't want paint in your water!

We lucked out and were able to use an arch a family member just purchased for their garden, immediately after my sister stepped up to the plate of decorating it. After days of folding pom-poms, crafting construction paper flowers, accordion-like circles, and tiny paper cranes Jay and I were more than happy to give her the supplies and she managed to make us a gorgeous centerpiece for the ceremony!

One more wedding post coming soon!


  1. I love that your wedding only cost $500! That deserves a congrats in and of itself! And the jars are lovely. Gathering your own flowers just adds to the fun. We used to do that for big wine tasting parties back in the day, and it was always so lovely! Wonderful decor :)

  2. This is the best wedding EVER! Its exactly what I would picture mine to be like. inspiring. x I love your blog!!

  3. This is so inspirational ! Thanks for sharing it with us...

  4. wonderful.:) i hope my wedding will look like yours did one day.xx
    lots of love,

  5. Gorgeous! I hope my wedding will look a bit like this..!!

  6. That is so amazing that your wedding cost $500! It looked beautiful.

  7. Your photos are exquisite. What kind of camera do you use?


  8. Thanks Sara!

    We use a Canon Rebel Xsi.


  9. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.
    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

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  10. is there any way you can post a little tutorial on how to make some of those ADORABLE paper flowers??? they are incredible! that archway is just amazing!

  11. Lovely wedding! Everything looks so cute!! Your wedding ideas are so creative!!
    And those paper flowers are incredible! I've never seen paper look so pretty! :)

  12. just beautiful! and so inspiring...

  13. It's so cute that this wedding is a work of both of you! So inspiring!