Saturday, July 3

Wedding: Bride & Groom

Now for part two of the wedding posts! Onward to a picture overload of the bride and groom themselves.

Since this was going to be a pretty casual wedding, we decided we really did not need to dress too fancy for the occasion. Luckily Jay found an amazing light blue pinstriped blazer at H&M that fit him surprisingly well (leading him to look like my perfect little ice cream man). Early on in the process I decided to sew my own wedding dress completely from scratch, (which I might add, don't necessarily try this at home unless you have a lot of time on your hands) but due to a rather unfortunate ironing mishap the night before I was unable to wear the dress I worked so hard on! Rather than dwelling or trying to fix it, I snuck out a dress from my sister's closet that she thrifted the month before and had my eye on (thanks goodness for that!) Despite being five sizes too big, belted I think it worked out pretty well!

I'm figuring out through writing these posts that the key part of our wedding was family. Jay's mother was generous enough to donate her old wedding ring, which we had reset by Kyle Anne Metals on Etsy (you should really take a look, her creations are stunning) to create an absolutely gorgeous ring I will treasure. Continuing on the theme, we actually got Jay's ring from a local Etsy seller. Matching mine with its silver metal, but 'manning it up' with its darkened wood grain pattern, he loves it so much he hasn't even taken it off!

When it came down to dressing it was really about the tiny little details to make us feel complete. Since my new dress had a completely different feel, I decided to go for a full-on hippie lovechild look, probably making my sister-in-law question my sanity when I said, "basically I want my hair to look like a bird's nest: twigs, branches, flowers and all," but being the amazing stylist she is, she dove right in and gave me the biggest bouffant I think I'll ever have!

One of our favorite parts of the wedding day was the fact that we actually got photos of the both of us together. When we make posts, usually I'm taking pictures of him and he's taking pictures of me so it was a real treat! We had the opportunity to use the amazing talents of a lovely lady named Kristina, whom I work with; who wanted to dip her toes into the crazy world that is wedding photography (and personally I think she did an incredible job) and the additional help of my dear sister Christine who took most of our delicious food shots. While a camera sat around my neck the entire time, it's definitely thanks to these ladies that our pictures turned out so well!


  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and I love how you made your wedding your own.
    Thank you for sharing the photos!

  2. Wow! The photos did turn out to be amazing, for someone who's not a wedding photographer. We had my brother's girlfriend take ours, and it is truly amazing how much love people will put into something for your wedding.

  3. lovely. those photographs are stunning. i really like the location of your wedding as well. i'm going to seatlle in a couple of days.. got any places-to-see recommendations? :)

  4. Ahh these photos make me so envious! I love every little detail of your wedding so far - simply BEAUTIFUL! I love the casual but comfortable and elegant feel of your wedding. I'm getting great inspiration for my own (one day aha). Oh, and I love love love the "masculine" wedding ring idea.

  5. You two are so adorable! Your weeding looked so beautiful and dreamy!!

  6. I wrote a little piece about your blog. Hope you don't mind. I was so happy to introduce you to my readers, I'm sure they'll love you as much as I do. xx

  7. You look adorable on this picture, so glad I've discovered you due to sweet daphne !

    see U !

  8. These photos are amazing! You both look so, so happy (:

  9. You two are so beautiful! These pictures are wonderful. Congratulations!