Monday, May 10

Spotted all over

On Elle: Dress: Anthropologie, Skirt, belt & shoes: thrifted, Hat: H&M

With the wedding coming up in less than a week (eee!), time is becoming rather hard to come by for outfit photos (which I'm sure is obvious considering it's been over a week since we've posted ones, sorry dear readers!). However, we found a small bit of time when the sun was high and peaked through trees in polka dotted patterns.

I seem to be starting to amass an entire closet of thrifted & diy clothing; which aside from being great on my wallet, get me giddy for seeking out more and messes with my perception of how much clothing should cost (15 dollars for a new skirt? expensive!). My entire oufit is thrifted except for the denim/linen dress from Anthropologie but that was $9.99 and boy do I love getting things that cost 100+ for $9.99! Jay's still sticking to H&M, as finding small sizes anywhere else is uncommon, but I think he looks darling in his bright red pants!

On Jay: Glasses, top & jeans: H&M, Shoes: Urban Outfitters


  1. Love the dress...very cute vintage look and the hat is sweet. Also lovin the rd trousers and blue shoes...great outfits :)

  2. You guys have to be the most fashionable couple eva!!

  3. You both amaze me. Such sartorial soulmates :)

  4. Thrifting is such a talent. Jay does look adorable in those pants. And oh my, I am totally crossing my fingers that everything goes perfectly for the wedding!

  5. "sartorial soulmates" I love it.

  6. Love your blog!

    do you want to follow me too?

  7. oh, I was looking at your pics on chictopia and I was totally enamored. And so I came here. And I realized, hey, I think I've been here! I may even be following! Oh, so many lovely blogs, so little time!

    But yours is especially lovely. So I will bookmark your page so as not to lose you again!

    excited to see wedding pics SO SOON! YOU must be getting excited!


  8. Have a great time at your wedding! I can't wait to see your dress.