Tuesday, May 4

mediocrity is not a mortal sin

After hearing that Daniel Radcliff (he pulls at my geeky heart strings) was going to be in the latest production of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying on Broadway, we immediately had to revisit this amazing movie. We first discovered it while Elle was on a musical kick and feel in love with it's colorful charm. A major influence on Mad Men, it tells the story of a young man determined to get to the top of the ladder with the least amount of effort; aka Mad men with more singing and dancing.

When I do these posts, I usually make a list of my favorite things and work them into paragraphs. However, once I took a look at my list this time I felt like it perfectly summarized everything I love about the styling! Filled with kick pleats, candy colored dresses, contrasting colors, a variety of necklines, perfectly slim fitting suits, helmet hair, delightfully high up-dos, bouncy, perfect curls, heavy rimmed eyes and barely-there lipstick I'm jealous of everyone in their polyester glory.

Complimenting the wardrobe, the scenery and people are color coordinated in Rainbow-ed hues. Sets are heavily influenced with geometric architecture and amazing patterned paint jobs; my favorite room being the"Dr. Evil" office of the head honcho. He would look perfect with a white puff ball cat in his arms but instead he chooses to knit in his spare time (secretly).

Despite the gorgeous wardrobe/sets, what really makes this movie worth watching again and again is the characters. Robert Morse (Who plays Bertram Cooper in Mad Men) gushes charisma with his mischievous faces and goofy grins over his leading lady. Hijinks that would not work in any other movie make sense and fast-paced writing flows comfortably and turns into charming interactions with cheeky comments. Add an acutely seductive redheaded ditz with an amazing name (Hedy Leroux); it's a perfect date night movie (seriously, every guy I've made watch it loves it).

Since we are on the topic of music and missed this week's Sunday song, why not enjoy my favorite song from the movie:


  1. oh wow! what a coincidence... i just posted an update about how this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE musical of all time and how this is the best song in the production :) WEIRD! i absolutely love the costumes and the general frippery of the cast.


  2. Suchhhh a good movie. I had no idea Daniel Radcliffe was going to be performing it