Saturday, January 23

the lookout

On Elle: Trench: thrifted, Button up: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Thermal tights: gift, Shoes: Zappos

If you can't tell already we love to thrift shop, well by we I suppose it's mostly just me (hard to find small men's clothes). I grew up with a wonderful mother who knew it was a waste to constantly buy us brand new clothes and decided to let us discover the joy of always having something unique. It is something about the thrill of the hunt and the excitement you get when you find an item that you know you will adore for years on end.

I had that spark of excitement when I went to the local Value Village. Finally! The perfect trench I'd been dreaming of. $34? Ouch, I'm so cheap. Instead, I decided to wait it out until the little purple tag attached to it would be 50% off. Five weeks later of questioning if it would still be there I woke up early and found my lovely hidden amongst the others then promptly purchased it giddy with excitement. Sometimes good things come to those who wait.

On Jay: Hat: H&M, Peacoat: Old Navy, Tie: thrifted, Tie clip: inherited, Button up: H&M, Vest: Urban, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Urban

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