Tuesday, January 12

elle wears

Just wandering through the lovely park. It has been almost 2 months since we had frolicked about Volunteer park; freezing weather doesn't motivate us very well. We also made a new discovery! For some reason we have remained completely oblivious to this tree of love, despite how it is not hidden in any way. We searched for young lovers with our initials but it looks like we will have to add J + L ourselves someday.

Coat: Anthropologie, Dress: JCrew, Thermal Tights: gift, Shoes: thrifted

I love the watermelon ric-rack trim on the inside of my jacket (Christmas money thank you!) and how the pattern plays opposite to my dress. JCrew, you make such lovely comfortable day dresses. I do not, however, want to pay almost $100 or more to wear them. Please change these prices ASAP. Love, Elle. Luckily I scored this one for 30 on sale last year.


  1. I know I've left some comments for you on flickr, but I have to say again that you look incredibly lovely! And the layout of your blog is just gorgeous! I'll definitely be back ;)

    ♥ Aya

  2. Thank you so much! And can I say you are adorable!