Monday, November 29

New York, New York



What a wonderful town! Travel-weary and homesick we nearly skipped over this gem of the east coast, but thankfully our friend and any other New Yorker we happened to meet laughed when they heard about our "day trip to New York". Needless to say we stayed a week, exploring mostly Brooklyn and Manhattan, without scratching the surface of this city of cities.


clean laundry

We could have spent days in the MOMA alone, staring at the countless beautiful paintings and video exhibitions. Another wonderful surprise was the ICP (International Center of Photography), which we did not get any pictures of, but is well-worth a visit if you are going on the museum circuit.

We left heavy-hearted, our heads filled with the sights and sounds of New York, a trip back across the country ahead of us and the promise to move there someday soon.

New York



  1. the moma is a place I could easily get lost in and be forever happy, love your photos

  2. I've never even been there yet, but still I can see myself moving there in a few years, I think it will be love at first sight=)
    The last photo from the moma is so nice! Just fantastic colors!

  3. this is a really cool blog i love your pics

  4. never been there, but I'm liking the artistic side to this city. the pictures are fantastic.