Tuesday, November 17

we wear

Have you ever had one of those days where you get distracted by everything? I'm definitely having one today; first I try to edit some photos but end up looking up sewing tutorials for children's clothes so my niece can have some lovelies by Christmas, then I decided to post some old ones that I never got around to and I end up frosting cupcakes. I'm going to finish this no matter how long it takes my distracted self! Late in the summer I thought it would be fun to start taking outfit pictures (we only ended up doing a few, but I intend to start it up again as now I get to dress up everyday); I feel it's only suiting to start it with our laziest summer day outfits.

On Elle: Jay's H&M hat, Jay's white button up, thrifted sweater, f21 denim shorts, thrifted heels
On Jay: AA v-neck, Urban Outfitters Belt, H&M jeans, thrifted boots

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